Tornado and Honeycomb Clear and Green Water Pipe


Heavy Glass Tornado and Honeycomb Water Pipe



Don’t worry this is a tornado that will make you feel good ! This clear and green straight shot water pipe is packed full of features for a great smoking experience. Heavy duty glass is used throughout for superior durability. 3 point ice catcher accepts full size ice cubes. 2 honeycomb discs provide the first lines of filtration. Things get crazy up above with the tornado filter effect. 18 mm glass on glass male bowl This water pipe stands 16 inches tall. And weighs in at close to 3 pounds. It punches a smoking experience in the heavy weight class !

Additional Details:

    • Pipe Type: Water Pipe.
    • Pipe Material: Glass.
    • Pipe Durability: High


    • Colors: Clear and Green
    • Color Changing: No.
    • Dichroic Glass: No.
    • Theme: Straight Shot
    • Pipe Shape: Cyclinder
    • Weight: 2 lbs and 15 ounces
    • Length: N/A
    • Height: 16 Inches.


  • Slide Type: Glass on Glass.
  • Slide Connector: Male.
  • Slide Diameter: 18mm.
  • Ice Catcher: Yes. 3 Point. Fits full sized ice cubes.
  • Oil, Wax, Concentrate Use: Yes, with a new slide (not included.)

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