Green Jade and Luscious Purple Beaker Water Pipe


Classic beaker style water pipe. Green, Purple and Clear.



The colors on this pipe are spectacular. Deep and rich and perfect for any decor. Heavy duty thick glass beaker style water pipe. Two part slide and bowl which is glass on glass. Ice catcher for that extra bit of smoking pleasure. Will accept full size cubes. Simple and easy set up. No fuss and ready for you when you need it. Easy to clean and stable wide base. 14mm male large glass bowl. Straight shot smoking tube.

Additional Details:

    • Pipe Type: Water Pipe.
    • Pipe Material: Glass.
    • Pipe Durability: High


    • Colors: Green, Purple and Clear Glass
    • Color Changing: No.
    • Dichroic Glass: No.
    • Theme: Straight Draw
    • Pipe Shape: Beaker
    • Weight: 1 lb and 11 oz.
    • Length: N/A
    • Height: Approximately 12 + Inches.


  • Slide Type: Glass on Glass.
  • Slide Connector: Male.
  • Slide Diameter: 14mm.
  • Ice Catcher: No
  • Oil, Wax, Concentrate Use: Yes, with a new slide (not included.)

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