Blue & Clear Glass Recycler Water Pipe With Disk Percolator


Recycling made fun with this this beautiful blue accented glass water pipe with recycler and disc percolator at the bottom.

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Recycling is good any way you do it. It is especially fun with this beautiful clear and blue accented glass water pipe.

To enhance your smoking experience this pipe features a funnel-to-loop-grip recycler and a disc percolator at the bottom. The 18 mm glass on glass slide has plenty of capacity for your herbs or tobacco. The thick glass base with blue accents throughout the pipe is stable and easy to use as the recycling tube provides a finger loop hole.

This water pipe will get it done right and is sure to impress.

Additional Details:

    • Pipe Type: Water Pipe.
    • Pipe Material: Glass.
    • Pipe Durability: Medium.


    • Colors: Clear, Blue.
    • Color Changing: No.
    • Dichroic Glass: No.
    • Theme: Traditional, Recycler.
    • Pipe Shape: Tube water pipe with recycler.
    • Weight: 1.58 Lbs.
    • Length: N/A
    • Height: 13.5 Inches.


  • Slide Type: Glass on Glass.
  • Slide Connector: Male.
  • Slide Diameter: 18mm.
  • Filtration: Disk Diffuser, Recycler.
  • Ice Catcher: No.
  • Oil, Wax, Concentrate Use: Yes, with a new slide (not included.)

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