Blue Rocket Water Pipe With Dual Engine UFO Percolators


While it may not take you to the moon, this rocket themed water pipe, with dual recycling rockets and inline UFO perc, will keep things flowing smooth.

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NASA won’t confirm this blue, double rocket water pipe will take you to the moon. But we here at ChimeraUSA will tell you that this pipe is high tech!

The filtration on this water pipe is out of this world due to its 3-percolator setup. The main attractions are the dual external recycling rockets and inline UFO dome percolator to keep things flowing smooth. These percolators, as well as the 3-point ice catcher & textured 18mm glass slide, sit atop the sturdy and ultra-stable 1/2 inch glass base. While it may not survive a crash landing, this water pipe is hard to knock over; Perfect for those with pets or clumsy friends.

This rocket ship inspired water pipe is such a unique, heady pipe that everyone must have it in their collection!

Additional Details:

    • Pipe Type: Water Pipe.
    • Pipe Material: Glass.
    • Pipe Durability: High.


    • Colors: Clear, Blue.
    • Color Changing: No.
    • Dichroic Glass: No.
    • Theme: Rocket Ship.
    • Pipe Shape: Tube water pipe with External Percolators.
    • Weight: N/A Lbs.
    • Length: N/A
    • Height: 16 Inches.


  • Slide Type: Glass on Glass.
  • Slide Connector: Male.
  • Slide Diameter: 18mm.
  • Filtration: 3 UFO Percolators.
  • Ice Catcher: Yes.
  • Oil, Wax, Concentrate Use: Yes, with a new slide (not included.)

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